FAQ: About Wolf Creek Ski Area

Can I buy Wolf Creek Lift Tickets in Pagosa Springs?
Lift tickets can only be purchased at the ticket window at Wolf Creek ski area. Some lodging facilities do package lift ticket vouchers with their accommodations. Wolf Creek Adult tickets for 2013-14 are $63.00 per day. $62.00 per day with a 3-day ticket. For a detailed price list visit www.wolfcreekski.com

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Can I teach my toddler child (under 5) to ski?
Yes! First, use the Nova (beginner lift). 5 year olds and under pay only $6.00 to use the Nova lift. Adult tickets for this beginner, base area lift are only $26.00 per day. Choose a warm, mild weather day if possible.

The Summit sets parents up with a few teaching aids for your kids. First is a “tip tie”. This stretchy device attaches to the tips of the skis and keeps the ski tips together so your child doesn’t have to. Tip ties allow the child to naturally stand in the “snowplow” or wedge position.

Next use a harness (often called a Racer Chaser) that goes over the kid’s ski jacket. It’s like a horse halter and leash that lets the parents keep control of the speed and direction the kid skier. We loan these Racer Chasers at no charge, if you rent your kid’s skis from the Summit.

We see many parents try to “ski” with the child between their legs. This does not work! The child, instead of balancing on their own, cling and grip to the parent’s leg learning nothing about gliding, braking and skiing. Parents have also fallen on top of their kids, a dangerous situation.

Once your kid is on the snow, you’ll actually be able to “steer” your child using the leashes attached to the Racer Chaser. Tip Ties and Racer Chaser are proven methods of teaching your toddler to ski. We’ll be glad to help you and your toddler get skiing on the mountain.

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Are there Shuttle services to the Wolf Creek ski area?
Yes… Try Wilderness Journeys at 970-731-4081. They often book up during storm cycles and busy Holiday periods so make your reservations early.

Can I pick up our Rental Equipment early?
Yes! We encourage customers to pick up their equipment the day before. Here at the Summit you can rent equipment anytime after 1:00 pm for the next day at no additional charge. We are often very busy in the early am and again after 4:00 pm so if you come in during the afternoon you can avoid the busy times. During Holidays we often work late so try to pick up your equipment the evening before.

Do I need snow tires or chains to go up Wolf Creek Pass to the ski area?
If you have a front wheel drive or a 4 WD vehicle with all season radials you should be fine. If you have a two wheel drive vehicle you may need chains if there is a storm cycle druing your visit. If you are using tire chains we suggest that you try putting your chains on at home where it’s dry and warm before you need them in the snowy mountains.

What time do ski/snowboard lessons start ?
You must be at the ski school meeting place ready to go at 10:00 am. That means with travel time you need to leave Pagosa Springs no later than 9:00 am and on snowy days or busy Holidays, leave at 8:30 am or earlier.

It’s really crowded during Holidays. What can I do to avoid the crowds?
Wolf Creek opens the lifts at 8:30am. During busy times they often open as early as 8:00am. Be ready to load the lifts at 8:30 and it’ll remain uncrowded until 10:00am or so. Eat lunch either early or late. Avoid lunch lines and be back on the mountain by noon and you’ll be skiing while most folks are eating.